We are Crow Interactive, a London-based collective of creative coders, designers, developers, sound designers and researchers working under creative direction of Peter Koraca to produce beautiful interactive experiences.


The collective was formed out of a need to tackle larger cross-discipline projects. We're a small but agile team of freelancers and contractors flexible enough to adjust itself to the project's needs and get the right people involved at the right time.

We come from a variety of backgrounds enabling us to approach problems from various perspectives. Whether it's teaching kids how to program, creating interactive audio installations or producing multimedia corporate brochures, we take pleasure in distilling complexity, taking small thoughts and ideas and developing them into something exceptional.



Our clients span from individuals and smaller studios to larger organisations and agencies. Most of our projects fit into three categories:


Interactive art & design

This is our speciality. Interactive installations, apps that fall somewhere between art and design (for web, mac or ios) and digital art pieces. Meaning, beauty and magic.


UX, UI & Service Design

From research to wireframes or polished visuals, our design is centred around the user and our mission to distill complexity into simple and beautiful solutions.


Web Development

Our team of web developers helps with almost all of our projects – from creating simple project landing pages to fully blown Wordpress CMS for our clients.


Core People


Peter Koraca


Founder, graphic and interactive lead

Peter founded CrowInteractive to explore the boundaries between between art and design, building meaningful visualisations and beautiful experiences around complex digital projects. His obsession with simplicity and his profoundly calm, sensitive aesthetic approach mixed with his coding wizardry narrate the creative direction of Crow Interactive’s projects.

He has worked as UX designer and a creative coder for Deutsche Telekom, Applied-Espi, Kin Design, Native Design, Danish Radio and Television, Brownsdesign and Hiscox on projects ranging from generative art pieces (Traces of A Flock) to large scale commercial projects (Way-finding strategy for London Heathrow Airport).


Matija Matvoz


Development team lead

Matija leads the development team in Slovenia with a breadth of experience ranging from managing large-scale web applications to running open-data services. He has founded the liquid petroleum portal Mylpg.eu and has worked on many large-scale governmental web applications.


Barnabas Wetton

Art, Communications and Research

Barnabas Wetton works actively as an artist and communicator. He is currently involved in developing telephone based security and payment systems and involved in the international typographical project The Song of the World. This autumn he will lead a student/research team in China for Lego looking at one child families and play.


Alina Moat


User experience, Research

Alina is passionate about cultural and educational projects. Always putting the user in the centre she leads user testing, observations and co-creative processes at Crow Interactive. Through the years she’s been involved in transformative projects that required innovative approaches to deal with often rigid systems. From teaching kids how to code (PifPaf) to working for/with several educational institutions such as University of the Arts London, Cambridge school of design, Thomas Tallis secondary school.


Marko Kragelnik


Sound design

Composer, cellist, music producer and teacher. Educated at the Vienna university of sound arts and author/producer of many music/audio arrangements, Marko works on the sound design of our projects.


Rich Garner


Wordpress consultant & Photographer

Entrepreneur, developer, and a founder of one of the biggest photography portals (Fotoura), Rich manages the UK development of web and mobile applications.

In the past he has been involved in the UK launch of Broadband, Interactive TV and the creation of the first telecom web portals.



Every project is different, however our process roughly follows the following framework: inspiration, research, prototype, design and iterations. Sometimes we go out in the field and get involved with the stake holders, sometimes we do workshops with kids, sometimes we sit in the office, listen and play with beautiful sounds.

Everything begins with sketches, both on paper and interactive. Whether these are wireframes for a new app, interactive visualisations of a new art project or an audio sample that can inspire us to think differently about project ahead.
Prototyping is paramount from the start of the project to the finish. We see beauty unfolding in design and code and believe that to really engineer how something will look and behave, we need to experiment with it. Interactive design lends itself perfectly to playing with prototypes using tools like Max MSP, Processing and iOS SKD that make the process quick and easy.
We enjoy creating moments of playfulness, surprise and delight in what we do. This involves a whole lot of testing. We go out into the field and observe how people interact with our work, make mock-ups or sketches and test them out when necessary. Testing our thinking is key and we’re not afraid we go back to the drawing board when things don’t work or our assumptions are wrong.




Get in touch by sending us an email to info@crowinteractive.com and one of us will get back to you shortly.